Head Teacher: Vision and Values


主讲人:Eugene Dapper  University College London


地点:徐汇校区第四教学楼 201室



Eugene Dapper works as an Educational and Leadership Consultant and is passionate about supporting leaders and teachers. Eugene worked as a senior leader for 15 years in London schools, including an Assistant Head Teacher and as a Head of Year. Eugene has taught in a variety of schools ranging from Rudolph Steiner schools in Australia to a variety of primary, secondary and special needs schools. Eugene is actively involved in the development of the Chartered College of Teaching, an organisation supporting the professional development of teachers. Eugene is currently completing his PhD at UCL Institute of Education in Educational Leadership.


Eugene Dapper’s lecture ‘Head Teacher: Vision and Values’ will consider the factors, conditions and experiences that have influenced a head teachers beliefs and values as an educator and how these in turn influence their vision. It will also consider how they communicate that vision for their school. The lecture will contextualise the English educational system whilst considering the academic literature surrounding the significance of a vision.